Valentine's Day Ideas for Tweens and Junior Youth Groups
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Valentine's Day Ideas for Tweens and Junior Youth Groups

Valentine's Day ideas for tweens and junior youth groups is written because of the popularity of a similar article for youth groups. It provides solid tips and Valentine's Day party ideas for tweens and junior youth that every director can use.

It is no secret that most tweens love to celebrate Valentine's Day. Response to my article Valentine's Day ideas for youth groups has been overwhelmingly positive. Becaue of it, youth directors have asked questions about how to have a Valentine's Day party for tweens and junior youth groups. This article should be of help in planning a junior youth get together.

A party for can be a fun way for tweens or junior youth groups to learn about healthy relationships in a safe atmosphere. . Since a group activity is being offered, youths without a special Valentine's Day friends will not feel awkward about coming. Such a gathering can help lay the foundation for the turbulent dating years to come.

A few youth directors will question why their junior youth group should recognize Valentine's Day. The obvious answer is so reinforce the message about the love of God. A devotion, a discussion about healthy relationships are always good reasons to get junior youth or tweens together.

Some of these ideas are covered below. From romantic to fun there are lots of ways that junior or tween junior or tween youth groups can enjoy Valentine's Day.


One of the more serious reasons for getting youth together is to set the stage for a short devotion. Pick a scripture passage about love that speaks to your group and plan a devotional around it. Do not expect the tweens to have a long attention span at any Valentine's Day party so keep the reverence time short but meaningful.

Domestic violence

A happy relationship is a healthy relationship. Sadly, some of the tweens in your junior or tween youth group may already be involved in a dangerous relationship. There may not be a better time of year to talk with tweens about domestic violence than February. Choose a day other than Valentine's Day itself to have this discussion but talk about it near the occasion.

Valentine's Day fundraiser

Junior or tween junior or tween youth groups generally need money for mission trips or other group activities. Some groups have found a Valentine's Day dinner to be a great way to raise money. Another idea is to ask for donations of single stem flowers. These can be delivered before or after worship on the Sunday nearest the holiday. Church members can be encouraged to purchase an additional flower for shut-in members or nursing homes.

Valentine's Day party fun for junior or tween youth groups


Remember the cards that we used to hand out in elementary school? Tweens enjoy the Valentine's Day cards too. Let them bring their stack to the party to hand out to friends. Ask the junior or tween youth group members ahead of time to bring along a couple of extra cards. These can be given to anyone extra youth who comes to the group Valentine's Day party.


Have tweens burn some songs to share for the junior or tween youth group party. The music does not need to be sappy and sweet. Ask them to keep it uplifting and about love.


Pick out a flick for the junior or tween youth group to watch and pop some popcorn. There are lots of titles out there that are perfect for junior or tween youth group Valentine's Day parties. Some ideas to get you started include The Princess Bride or Ever After. Parents of teens and junior youth groups members may also have suggestions.


Valentine's Day decorations for a junior or tween youth group party don't need to be elaborate. Places pink or white cups or bowls around the room with conversation hearts. Mix red cups with white plates. Red, pink and white streamers can add a nice touch to a Valentine's Day party for junior or tween junior or tween youth groups.

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Wonderful article, Gayle, your love shines through in all you do!!!! xoxoxo

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Thoughtful article Gayle, love it.

Thank you both. You guys are great!! JerseyNana, I finally found your blog and joined. I guess I'm just following you everywhere. lol

Interesting , voted up. Thank you for support dear Gayle.